Privacy Policy

The main idea, the criteria and scope of the information collected on this website, the purpose of use etc.

1.The Main Idea

On the current website (see the link ), all the relevant information is being collected within the scope of the criteria of the service (e.g. Home page information providing) on this website.  

2.The Scope of the Information Collected on this Website

  1. This website collects relevant internet domains, IP addresses, website searching and consulting information, and other visiting information on this website. Cookies (are delivered from the server to the user’s website explorer so that the server can read the information from the server-side user) are aimed to use for the content enhancement on this website, excluding personal information.  
  2. when the e-mail form receives comments, we may ask you to provide us your name, address, phone number and E-mail address (it is simplified as user attribute) etc. If you wish to accept comments such as public or individual cases or receive various inquiries by e-mail, the sender's e-mail address will be displayed on the recipient's side.
  3. when the reception of participation Application for public events is being held, we may ask you to fill out the user attribute to meet the demands of such events.

3.The purpose of Use

The information collected in 1 of 2 will be used as a reference for smoothly performing the services provided by this site. The opinions gathered in 2 of 2 will be used as reference for the future policy planning. In addition, we will use the user attributes for inquiries and other responses, notification of confirmation and distribution of mail news. The Information collected in 3 of 2 will be used only when necessary for smooth implementation of such public events and so on.

4.The Restrictions on Use and Provision

On this site, when there is a request for disclosure according to laws and regulations, or there are some illegal acts such as unauthorized access, intimidation or other special reasons, acquiring the collected information on this site for purposes other than purpose 3, we do not use it by ourselves or provide it for the third parties. However, the statistically processed access information of this site may be announced.

5.The Measures to Ensure Safety

This site will take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss or damage of collected information and other appropriate management of collected information.

6.The Scope of Application

Current privacy policy applies only to this site.